The member may be displayed after the 100th in the ascending order.

When you enter “@”, the first 100 users will be displayed in the alphabetical ascending order. By entering a user name, you can narrow down the prospective users.

The nickname may be wrong.

Is there a space in the nickname of the user?

Spaces cause issues to posts. Please ask the user to change the nickname.

The plug-in may be malfunctioning.

Are you using an extension called “Grammarly” on Chrome? Deleting this extension may solve the issue.

If you don’t want to completely disable Grammarly, you can also choose which website to use it on.

▼ How to disable Grammarly

Sign in to Grammarly.

Access Unipos My Page ( ).

Click the “G” icon and disable the function.

Still have issues?

Contact us through chat on the bottom right.

To identify the cause of your issue quickly, please let us know:

・The date and time when the issue occurred
・Your e-mail address,
・The browser and its version that you used
・Screenshots that show the issue.

Thank you for your cooperation.