▼Password Policy

You can set details for passwords such as the length, complexity, restrictions on using past passwords, and expiration.

See also: Setting Password Policy

▼Password Resetting (Admin only)

See also: Reset Members' Passwords

▼Account Lockout 

Account lockout can be activated when a user fails to login consecutively. Account can be locked for a designated period of time or the user must reset the password in order to log in again.

See also: Lock an Account After Consecutive Login Failure

▼Login Notification

When a user logs in to Unipos, they can receive a notification e-mail.

See also: Set Up Login Notification E-mail

▼Login History

The login data for the past 180 days can be searched.
Displayed information: Date and time (JST), e-mail address, login results (successful/unsuccessful), device information (OS: browser), and IP address

See also: Check Login History

▼Session Timeout

When a user is idle for a certain period of time, the session can be terminated on the web.

See also: Set Up Session Timeout