・For already registered members, their information can be updated by uploading a CSV file (please use a designated template.).
・The information you can update: name, employee number, group, position, employment status, account status

▼Click the link below for the details of information you can register.

Q. What information can I update/change for members after registering them?

・You need to register groups beforehand in order to assign groups to members.
Q. How do I register a group?

・Each member's information can be edited one by one.
Q. How do I invite members?

▼Follow the procedures below to update information for members.

> Click "Team Admin" in the sidebar on the left.
> Click "Member" in the top right-hand corner.
> Click "Update with CSV" in the top right-hand corner.


> Download a "CSV Template" that includes items you want to update and enter information.
・You can change the following 6 pieces of information after members are registered. Please use a CSV Template according to the information you want to update.

 - E-mail address (mandatory information)・Name (mandatory information)・Employee number, position, group, and employment status.

 - For more detailed examples and letters you can use, please see the CSV screen or this Help Page.


>Click "Choose CSV File" and upload a CSV file.
>Click "Authority."


>Once the update completes, a message will be displayed.
・If you click "Confirm Results", you can see the details.
>This completes the updating process. 


>If the update fails, the following message will be displayed.
・If you click "Confirm Results", you can see the details.
・If this error happens, please re-create a CSV file using a template and upload it in the process outlined above.


See also: Q. When you fail to add/update member information using a CSV file.・If the update still fails, please contact the Unipos team through the Live Chat in the bottom right-hand corner!