This function is available to protect accounts from attackers' attempts to guess users' passwords. If login attempts keep falling through after a certain number of times, the account will be locked for a designated period of time.
This is applicable when users themselves fail to enter their correct user name and password.

▼What you can set up

・The number of login failures allowed before the account is locked.
・The length of time before the account lockout is cancelled.

▼When an account is locked...

・The account can't be accessed even when the correct password is entered.
(Account lockout won't be notified on the login screen.)
・An e-mail will be sent to the entered e-mail address to notify that there may have been unauthorized login attempts.
*If you need to use the locked account right away, please reset your password here or request the admin to reset your password.

▼How to set up account lockout

Click "Team Admin" in the sidebar.
>Click "Security" in the top right-hand corner.
>Click "Security Settings."
>Scroll down to "Account Lockout."

Set up the number of login failures and account lockout time.