You can use the following 4 functions by linking Slack.

*NoteTo exchange points on Slack (posting and clapping), both the sender and receiver need to be linked and synced with Slack. Otherwise, they will receive an error message!

1. Unipos posts will be displayed on the Slack channel.

2. You can post from Slack.

To post from Slack, please enter as outlined below.
You can share your post on Slack as well as the Unipos timeline by posting in a Slack channel.

/unipos @ (receiver of the post) +points message # (hashtag)
/unipos @mamiya +39 I was glad we got to talk until we were both satisfied. Thank you. #gratitudeofthatday

3. You can clap from Slack

On the Slack timeline, each post has icons for clapping.
You can clap as many times as you want up to 60 times per post.
When you clap, a message will be posted on your timeline that reads "You've clapped." This message is posted only on your timeline.

4. You can check the remaining points (how many more points you can send this week) on Slack.

By entering "/unipos-point", you can check your remaining points (see below).


▼See how to link Slack

Q. How do I link/unlink Slack?