The system admin can monitor all the login attempt history on Unipos.

▼What you can check

Whether login was successful or not over the past 180 days.
The following 4 pieces of information will be displayed:
・Date and time (JST)
・E-mail address used for login
・OS/browser information
・IP address

* You can search by e-mail address only. (The entry must exactly match the registered e-mail address.)

* The e-mail address used for login will be displayed. Please note members may have changed their registered e-mail address.

* If you leave the e-mail address field blank, you can see the login history for all accounts.

▼How to check login history

> Click "Security" in the top right-hand corner.
> Click "Security Settings."
> Click "Login History."
Please follow the procedures above to see login history.