Use this function when:
・you want to protect an account;
・you want to cancel account lockout; and
・you want to reset a password for a user who has forgotten their password.

▼What you can do by resetting password

You can deactivate the member's password from "Edit Members" screen.
By activating this function, all the users who have logged into Unipos using the designated account will be automatically logged out.
Click here to reset password.

* You can reset password one by one from the "Member" page.

* You can't reset all passwords at once.

▼How to set up

Click "Team Admin" in the sidebar
> Click "Member" in the top right-hand corner.
> Choose a member you want to reset the password for.
> Click "Reset Password."


> Click "Reset."
The member will receive an e-mail to reset the password.