• Read this section before you proceed!

You need to subscribe to the Premium Plan on Workplace to link it to Unipos. Please check your plan before proceeding.

▼Click here to check/change plans on Workplace.


Setting up on Workplace

  • Admin authorization needs to be shared with all the members before taking the following procedures.

1. Click "Integration" in the sidebar. Then, click "Create Custom Integration."


2. Enter the name (Unipos) and description (Notify Unipos posts) and click "Create."


3. Register a picture for the app in the editing screen. Click "Update" to upload the selected picture.


4. Once the picture is updated, edit the accessibility. Click "Read group contents" and "Manage group contents" under "Accessibility."


5. Create an access token (This token is necessary to link with Unipos. Remember to write it down.)


6. Access token will be displayed within a blue frame. This token will be displayed only once. Please remember to keep it securely. Click "I understand" and "Done."

*In case you forget the access token, please recreate the app again or renew the access token.


7. Once the process is complete, click "Save."

This completes the creation of app to link Workplace.
> You can confirm and edit the app information from Settings.


Setting up on Unipos

1. Click "Team Admin" in the sidebar and "Link external services" in the top right-hand corner.

2. Click "Link."


3. Enter the access token and the Group ID of the group you want to link, then click "Save." This completes the linking process.

*What is Group ID?
Each Workplace group has a unique ID.
When you access a group, its address will be displayed like the example below.
The ID is after "/groups/." In this example, the ID is 35606797186793.


How do I unlink Workplace?

Unlinking Workplace is easily completed by following the procedures below.

1. Click "Unlink" in the "Link External Services" screen.

2. Click "Unlink" in the pop-up screen.

This completes the unlinking process.

▼What you can do by linking Workplace.
Q. What can I do by linking Workplace?