*This function is available for the Standard Plan or above.

▼Please add members after setting up SSO.

There are 3 steps in setting up SSO.
・Setting up on G Suite / Azure Active Directory(Premium P1,P2)
・Setting up on Unipos
・Adding members and granting access

Please add members AFTER setting up SSO.
If you add members before, invitation e-mails will be automatically sent out and it will be confusing.

▼Password-related functions will not be accessible to regular members.

Once SSO is set up, only Admin can log in from the Unipos login screen by using an e-mail address and password.
Accordingly, regular users will not be able to perform any password-related actions (i.e. changing and resetting a password).

* Admin can log in using an e-mail address and password.

* Anyone who has Admin authority can access password settings from here after setting up SSO.

▼Please inform members of Unipos after granting access to them.

Once SSO is successfully set up, Unipos will be added to the application menu in members' G Suit or Azure Active Directory(Premium P1,P2.)

Please inform members of the SSO login link after granting access to them.
If members choose to bookmark Unipos, remember to save the SSO login link.

* Notifications will not be sent out after setting up SSO.

* The SSO login link will be necessary on the smartphone app as well.

(Click here to see how to log into the Unipos app.)


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