There are 9 steps in setting up SSO on G Suite.

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* Please complete the setup on G Suite before registering members on Unipos.


1. Open "SAML App Settings" from Google Admin Menu.

Go to "Apps" under Google Admin.
> SAML apps
> Add a new app from "+" in the bottom right-hand corner.


2. Activate SSO in SAML Application.



3. Enter Google ID provider information to Unipos SSO Settings page.

・Entity ID
・Certificate (Download and open as a text file.)
Copy and paste the above information to the "SSO Settings" screen on Unipos. Click "Next."

▼SSO Settings screen on Unipos
Click "Set ID Provider" and enter information to appropriate fields.


4. Enter basic information of Unipos

Application name: Unipos
Upload logo: Select a picture of your choice and click "Next."


5. Detailed settings for service provider

Copy and paste from SSO Settings screen on Unipos
Entity ID:
Copy and paste from SSO Settings screen on Unipos
Response with signature: Checkmark
Name ID: Basic information / Primary e-mail address
Name ID Format: EMAIL
Enter the above information and click "Next." 


6. Attribute mapping

Click "Complete" without performing any action.


7. Turn on the application from the list of SAML applications. 

*If you don't want to grant access to all users, click "Part of Group."


8. Operation test (Admin)

Log out of Unipos.
> Log into G Suite.
> Choose Unipos from the G Suite app menu.
> Log into Unipos via SSO.
If you can log into Unipos this way, SSO is successfully set up.
If you fail to log in, please confirm the settings and try again.


9. Add members from Unipos

Click here to see how to add members.