English follows.




※ 集計は、毎日午前2時頃に行われます。






  ※月のポイント消化率 = 週のポイント消化率の平均値

  (アクティブ = 一時停止中・削除済みのいずれでもない状態)




You can confirm how Unipos is utilized within your organization.
"Target" indicates the average value of all the organizations that use Unipos.

*Use the group filter to obtain data for specific groups. (multiple choice allowed)
  You can select only the groups that had been registered at the time of tally**.
*"Usage per Month" cannot be downloaded as a CSV file.
*The data is available to members with admin authority or authority to view Analytics.
*The reflected data is up to but NOT including the displayed "As of" date.

**The tally is done around 2 am every day.


▼Definition of each index

Usage (%): The percentage of members who used points by sending posts or clapping at least once.

Posts (%): The percentage of members who sent posts to other members at least once. 

Claps (%): The percentage of members who clapped at least once.

Point Usage (%): The percentage of points that were used.
  *Point usage (%) of the month = The average value of the weekly point usage (%)
     *400 points are credited every week.

Average Number of Letters: The average number of letters that were used per post during that month.
  *All the percentages are calculated by dividing the number of members for each index by the number of active accounts.
      ("Active accounts" are accounts that are not suspended or deleted.)


・To understand the usage of Unipos throughout your organization and groups.