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  - 名前
   - メールアドレス
  - 社員番号
  - 雇用形態
  - 1: 役員 2: 正社員 3: 契約社員 4: 派遣社員 5: アルバイト
    6: 業務委託 7: その他 0: 未選択
  - 抽出期間内に、投稿および拍手で獲得したポイントの総数
  - 部署
  - 複数登録されている場合は、カンマ区切りで表示されます。(F9参照)
        - 役職
     - 入力任意項目です。



※ 管理者のみ閲覧権限がございます。


You can multiply the point by the rate to calculate the payout amount for each employee.

"Admin Settings" > "Manage Points" > "Period" > ”CSV Download"
You can download a list that shows how many points each employee earned within the designated timeframe. Please use this information to calculate the payout amount. To calculate the amount, you need to multiply the points by the designated rate.

▼Manage Points

▼Sample CSV file
In a downloaded CSV file, the following information will be listed up.

1. fullName

 - Name
2. mailAddress
 - E-mail address
3. employeeCode
 - Employee number
4. employmentType
 - Employment status
 - 1. Executive 2. Permanent staff 3. Contract staff 4. Agency temporary staff 5. Part-time staff 6. Subcontractor staff 7. Other 8. Unselected
5. point
 - The total points each employee earned within the designated period.
6. departments
 - Groups
 - If a member belongs to multiple groups, they will be listed with commas (see F9).
7. position
  - Role
  - Entering this item is optional.

・The CSV file won't include the members who didn't earn any points within the specified period.
・The CSV file will include the deleted members if they earned points within the specified period.
・Any unregistered information will be displayed as a blank field.
・The registered information (i.e. information other than the amount of points) is extracted from a day before the CSV file download.
 (Please make sure to register any information that will be used for calculation at least a few days before downloading a CSV file.)

 ▼See how to change/update members' information.
  Q. How do I update/change members' information through a CSV file?